Second year; khalas! | Sunday, June 11, 2017

Assalamualaikum and salam Ramadhan :)

            It's amazing how I still keep this blog for so long even with the very seldom posts (of about every 3-4 months haha). Nevermind, at least I'm still able to keep track with what I've been doing, rather than no writing at all haha.

             So now I'm done with my second year of degree life. This sem is quite a tough one because we're starting to take the Body System subjects. Overall, we'd have to take 6 Body System subjects (if I'm not mistaken). So for this sem, we took Cardiovascular (CVS), Respiratory & Urinary, and Musculoskeletal & Sensory. CVS was the one with the most weightage, with 3 credit hours and topics more than 30++. It was also our last paper during the finals, sooo can you just imagine the suffering we went through hahaha so much topics to finish for the final paper! Alhamdulillah the finals are all done now and let's just pray for the best :)

            This semester was a reaaally hectic one for me, talking in terms of society and programme thingy. I realised that I had too much on my back that I decided to take only 1 elective subject, Nutraceuticals when most of my other classmates took both of the elective subjects - Nutra and Cosmetics. But nevermind, I know my limits and I had a goal to achieve, so it doesn't matter if we take a different choice than others, as long as we're sure that's the best for us. And yeah, I'm really grateful I didn't take both elective subjects, with the sudden change of assessment systems, from 40-60 to 60-40 whereby the carrymarks carry 60% and final semester exam only carry 40% of the total marks. This means that more course works, assignments, presentations and lab works which really needed time and focus throughout the semester. No more last minute 'pulun', you know. There are, of course pros and cons of the previous and current systems, but as the system changes, we also should adapt ourselves with the changes. It was tough at the beginning, eh wait. Actually it was tough THROUGHOUT the semester, hahaha and week 13 and 14 were sure like hell. I remembered we had presentations almost every day, with the PBL, online quizzes, assignments submissions and whatnot. Urgh horror. I'm glad we made it alive through all that haha.

             But, all in all I think the academic burden for this sem is not really that heavy. For Year 2, I believe the first semester is much more a burden in the academic, because of too much subjects - 9 subjects :-/ So what kept me busy throughout this semester was mostly the society and programme stuffs. I'm currently holding the secretary position for a few things (yeah once started with secretary post, you'll forever be haunted with that post, blergh). For the Pharmacy Students' Society (IPhA), IIUM Kuantan Open Day (IKOD'17) - I really love working with these people of IKOD - , Akar Budi, and also APM for National Pharmacy Debate Championship (NPDC). I really love it that I get to meet and work with lots of people, that you can learn so much from them and improve yourself. Especially for IKOD, our mainboard team consists of students from every kuliyyah, and I can see that we're all different, in a good way, and everyone's really proactive in their work, soo they're really nice to work with :) I hope that everything will run smoothly and everyone can be happy with it!

           So, when I look back, it didn't feel like it, but I'm actually about to enter my 3rd year in IIUM Kuantan. How time flies so fast. It feels like just yesterday that I'm a first year in Kuliyyah Pharmacy, I became an IPhA Office Bearer, working with Ayeh in the Welfare Bureau (now Ayeh graduated already! sob sobs) , my SRC election in the 1st semester of 2nd year (and the plot twist post-election thingy haha), now I've ended my second year, and next sem I'm gonna start my clinical years! Going to hospitals, meeting real patients in the hospital, phew nervewrecking.

          All in all, throughout all these, I believe I've grown much. Maybe not physically :p but through these lots of bitter sweet experiences, I've learnt, I've changed.. hopefully, for the better. May all of us constantly improve ourselves, for the better, insyaAllah.

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