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Phew what a really really long time since I last updated my blog. The previous post was like, last year? Haha. I can't believe it's 2017 already. & I'm 21 years old this year! Wow it's hard for me to believe in that number. I still remember how I started blogging in my teen years, when I was in form 2. Now 6 years already passed. Wow

Now I'm already in my 2nd year of Pharmacy, right about entering the 2nd semester for this year. You know, as you go along, you started to love uni life more and more. Well, of course, the stress and struggles are inevitable. That's just the norm of being a student. But as you go further, you started to nurture true love and passion towards the field that you chose.

Like for me, as I went into my 2nd year of studies, I started to feel the passion in Pharmacy. Well, to be exact, it started during Akar Budi last year ( a community service kinda program where we stayed at a village and had a foster family there). During Akar Budi, we had a subprogramme which is Home Medication Review (HMR). We went in teams to selected houses along with pharmacists from Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society and also pharmacists from the Hosp Rompin if I'm not mistaken. So we went to visit the villagers to check on their medications, whether they comply with their medications or not, how they store their meds, do they really know what meds they're actually taking, & other safety precautions regarding their medication regime.

So during the home visit, I kinda get really excited coz it's like I'm able to see how pharmacist actually work and deal with patients. Yea la all this while just spending time in lectures learning theory and only lil bit of practicals ( tu pun lecturers yang jd patient kita haha ) in 3rd year later only we'll go for hospital attachments. So given this kinda opportunity, I get really excited and started to have the passion in pharmacy.

& then few days ago I just got back from Indonesia, where we had an educational trip to Jogjakarta & Bandung. During the 8 days of the visit, we spent some time to visit a few unis (Uni Gadjah Mada, Uni Padjadjaran, UMY) , UGM Hospital, and a few community pharmacies there. Visiting the pharmaceutical places at Indon really opened my eyes to a new perspective. Coz back there, the people are more focused on the Industrial Pharmacy, compared to us in Malaysia focusing more on Clinical Pharmacy. So the people in Indon are intensely focusing on research to come up with new products for the purpose of industrial field. It really is interesting visiting their labs and looking at what they're doing. For most of the researches, they're doing pharmacognosy, which is using natural resources as the starting compound in finding the lead for a new product. So then again, I get more and more interested as we're able to venture into the real field of pharmacy, real as in outside class, the real practice of it.

The meds in the satellite pharmacy in UGM hospital

was seriously thinking deeply on what 'Instalasi Rawat Jalan' actually meant haha

One of the community pharmacy that we visited, also UGM's
Pharmacy Faculty of UGM rocks!

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