Memories | Friday, August 12, 2016


I pity this blog for being so much abandoned by me, but haih what to do, I'm seriously such a lazy lad. Especially during these 3 months holidays - like what have I been doing?! Hahaha nothing good. Just some short 'Jalan jalan cari makan' here and there, and meeting up with my loved ones, of course over a meal, yet I'm still not gaining any weight -.-

With the state of my blog being rarely updated and almost totally abandoned, it does surprise me quite a lot to know recently that there's still people reading my blog here. Well, at least there is a person who told me that. Maybe that person is the only one who's still reading haha. It bothers me more knowing there's ppl who read my blog since lately I've been pouring out my feelings and thoughts here with no reservation. And I believe tonight I'll be doing the same thing, again. Since I'm in the mood to rant but the one who I want to rant to aint available so let me just rant here hahaha #sadlife

The reason why I'm still writing here, even not so often, is that I love the idea of having a documentation of my past experiences and feelings. During school years, it didn't matter if I had no posts up here in my blog since I have a diary, and occasionally it's easier for me to write down my diary right there and then since I'm always having the diary with me. But with the state of my life now, hmm even the planner I bought early this year was not used. So I figured I better write it here, only whenever I'm not that lazy though haha

I've been reading this one book, 'The Brain' recently and it kinda explains about the human memory. Our brain cells - called neurons - are of finite number. Which means that, it does not increase in number, it does not replenish or renew once the cells are dead. Unlike most of other cells in our body which constantly renew and replace the dead ones. So how our brain stores our memory is that, by the linkage of neurons. The stronger the links between the neurons that form a certain memory, the stronger the memory will retain in our head. Unfortunately, due to the finite number of cells, our memories gotta compete with each other to ensure they stay in our brain. Those memories that are less recalled by our brain, will cause the linkage between neurons forming that memory to be weaker. Thus, new memories will eventually take up the neurons to form new linkages for new memories. Eventually, your old memories will be forgotten..

Sad, right. But what's even worse is that your brain can also be tricked into believing in false memories. Like if your provide someone with false memories about something, they can actually take that up and consider it as the real one.

It's a sad thing - at least for me - to not remember our own past, when in fact they are a part of us, they are what make us who we are now, in the present. And truth to be told, I am a really forgetful person,
and to you, I ask of you to not let me forget you, forever.

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