Of wishful tales | Thursday, April 21, 2016

I haven't been writing for so long, mainly due to the packed schedule I'm having now. But truth is I really miss writing because it is one of the best ways to express myself, and somehow one of the ways to compose my feelings too. Due to my nature of bottling up my feelings most of the time, thus without writing it out, those feelings piled up and sometimes suffocate me.

So I finally get a chance to write something this evening but I'm quite hesitating whether to write about this issue or not. Well, here it goes..

In a relationship, you can't expect to always be happy. You can't expect a smooth sailing with no arguments or disagreements at all. And most importantly, you can't expect to not get hurt. I'm not someone who's entitled enough to talk about relationships or whatnot but what I'm trying to write in this post is merely my humble opinion. I've came across this quote saying 'It's impossible to not get hurt. You just have to find someone who's worth the hurt' or something like that, sort of. My point is, in a relationship, even with the so-called 'Mr. Right' doesn't guarantee you happiness all along the way. There will always be ups and downs, shines and storms that both of you have to go through together. 

And you know what, all those love/relationship quotes on twitter or other social medias, don't believe in them too much. Don't believe in those quotes that say 'the guy who texts/calls you every 2 hrs just to make sure you're okay are the best guys' or 'the guy who praises you all the time are the best ones'. Stop using those Disney fairy tales as your dreams on how your love life should be. The reality is just not like that. I'm not trying to crush all your dreams or what, but my point here is that, a good relationship doesn't necessarily have to be according to those relationships that are portrayed in the medias. It is something so abstract, appreciating the huge variations in human behaviors, and their different capacities in expressing love and care to another person.

The most important thing in a relationship for me is, to really understand your partner and to be able to accept them the way they are. But that does not deny the fact that as a human, we must always improve ourselves and do our best not to hurt others. Because as long as we live, there will always be room for improvement. Both people in a relationship should accept each other, and at the same time improve themselves in any aspects that they lack of.

And when we talk about relationship, concerning our hearts and feelings, of course, way before talking about what we can do, what we should do, first thing first is to ask to Him, the owner of all hearts, to guide us in our choice as He is The Most Knowing - even the feelings that we ourselves are unable to fathom, are never hidden from His knowledge. 

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