How's life, kiddo? | Monday, October 26, 2015


Just because I should be finishing my assignment but I'm so sleepy but I can't let myself go to sleep so.. let's write a post here instead. Sooo how's life now? People often tell us that we should be happy when we get something we really wanted. By that being said, then I should be happy to be accepted into pharmacy school but still... I'm not really that enthusiastic in becoming a pharmacist haha. Even with the subjects that I'm taking for this semester, I enjoy anatomy and physiology much more than pharmacy practice haha I dunno why. Maybe because pharm prac involves mainly calculation and mere memorisation... two things I hate the most.

Forget about that, I don't think that's a major problem coz I still get excited getting my own workplace and preparing medicines even though I suck at remembering the latin abbreviations on the prescription and calculating the correct doses hahaha like urghh. So it doesn't mean that I don't have any interest in this course, I just hate some parts of the subjects. I think I can bear with it, haha insyaAllah.

All in all, I think I'm starting to enjoy my life now, I guess? Haha still unsure of myself. I mean, yeah, UIA Kuantan ni not bad la. Even though tak meriah mcm Gombak, budak-budak nerd skema sikit, tp environment dia still okay. There are also lots of programmes here too, like we're just done with our IIUM Kuantan Open Day (IKOD) in early October and it was really fun! I get to really enjoy the fun mostly coz I became one of the committees so I'll be at the venue like early in the morning and go back to mahallah only when its late at night soo I've got the chance to really feel the vibe. I even get to meet IIUM students from Gombak, mostly foreigners and had a kinda funny conversation with a guy from Kenya hahaha good memories.

Once in a while, interesting days like that come by. But our usual days will be filled with classes during daytime and lotsa meetings for programmes, societies, usrah and language classes during night. And I'll always go to bed right after I arrived at mahallah and dunno when did I actually study!! Pastu bila bangun lewat time pagi selalu stress sebab tak sempat nak buat pre and post reading hahaha ngeng kan.

Kesimpulannya ; Eliessa sangatlah ngeng and I dunno if I can survive pharmacy school or not adui
Semoga Allah permudahkan. amin.

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