Closing in or parting away? | Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Do the differences between us make us grow closer or part us away?
I wonder,
Oh how I wonder.

My thoughts are all jumbled up, it's really a mess in there I couldn't lay them in a good organized post. Talking about the complex human mind made me think of the movie 'Inside Out'. Atha was the one who showed us the trailer of that movie in class that day and everyone was really excited haha. Movie tu like comel gilaaaa and crazy and exciting all at the same time!! Haha tak sabar gua nak tengok.

You know, do you ever feel like really wanting to understand someone? Like you really really want to know how he/she feels and how do they react to your thoughts and opinions? Macam kalau boleh nak baca fikiran orang. But then you gave up halfway when you realised it's just so hard to understand and seeing more and more differences between you two. Even if you were in their shoes, you would see it differently and act totally different. Haiz :-/ It's like at one moment you felt like you're the one who knows that person best, but then after that you started to realize the differences and suddenly see how far apart you two are.

And then you decided to walk away, pushing everything to the back of your mind, trying to forget it all.
and the story just ends there.

Hahaha sorry cerita hari ni sangat sedih. Hari ni mood sedih kay. Semoga berjumpa lagi dengan cerita yang lebih inspiring and uplifting.

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