The end of foundation study | Monday, May 25, 2015

Coz it's so hard to say goodbye..I wish we never even met

Alhamdulillah, I'm finally done with CFS! Just so you know, this is my second time trying to compose a post. Haha. The other day I did manage to write a few things but ended up deleted the whole thing. My hiatus went too long that it's kinda hard to start writing again aduiii.

Anyway, the end of CFS means that I have a looooong 3-months-holiday at home. And up till now I haven't done anything quite beneficial yet. Of course there are lots of things to do in my wish list, but I can't seem to start on any of them...well maybe not yet. I wanted to learn Mandarin with papa ( Like seriously I've been trying to learn mandarin since...idk, 12 years old? But I was never able to be committed enough to learn haha mianhei papa) I think this post will just be a short one, coz I'm already running out of ideas.........

Well, let's talk about my last semester. Our third semester was seriously the toughest one. Taking all the core subjects at one time was really a killing attempt. Alhamdulillah we managed to pull through, despite all those terribly hard times. Being in that state of pressure, the situation really pushed us to our breaking point. Those people that have always seemed cool and relaxed, could suddenly break down into tears - especially during those weeks when we've got 2 to 3 quizzes along with a few submissions, presentations and whatnot. All at once! And I can't figure out how did carbon managed to be mould into diamond under great pressure! Maybe we're already in the process of that, hopefully by the end of this all we'll be shining gems and jewellery! 

Anyway CFS really taught me lots of things, but the sweetest of all the memories would of course be those times with my friends. It was really emotional during our last makan-makan together, especially when it comes to those who extended their programme and couldn't join us in kuliyyah together in Sept TT_TT But it's okay, insyaAllah we'll meet again after a year :) And surely, if we really want to then we'll make time for those who are important to us, right :)

That's all for now, sorry for my really crappy post, and my bad language :( 
I'll try to improve my writing, yosh!

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