SEM BREAK | Saturday, October 25, 2014


Finally...it's sem break! Muahaha 3 weeks staying at home. Pretty much what I've been longing for, for the last...four months? Hahaha

Looking back at Sem 1, quite a lot of things happened even only a four months duration, eh? Apart from the daily classes, assignments and tests, there's a whole lot of fun too!

Yes, there are a lot of things but I just don't know where to start! Haha. Maybe I can start with the debate competition? Hm yes. It was just a mahallah debate competition, kind of an inter-level debate competition, should I say that? It's like, we have Hisbah At Tufail (level 2) , level 3 and level 4 so we have two teams for each level (One team for brothers and another one for sisters). Sorry I only remembered my own hisbah name. Haha.

The most shocking part of the competition is that I was kinda forced to join the Malay Debate team and I'm like I never do Malay Debate!! Haha I don't know to speak "bunga-bunga" like those Malay debaters. English debate is more straightforward and focusing on the points, not really the language, so I don't know how to do this! But I joined anyway because they were persuading me with that kind of face, so how can I say no?

We won 2 rounds out of 3, and alhamdulillah didn't get to the finals. We settled in the third place. Why alhamdulillah? Coz it's weekend and I've got lots of assignment to do! 1 year programme = piled up assignments. We actually went against two teams from brothers and our last round was held at the cafe, on the stage, during lunch hour and I'm debating with a mic about a topic I have so little knowledge about! ( The topic was Asia untuk Asia and we're the opposing team, but we won this round, yay!)

Apart from the debate competition, there's just a lot of beautiful memories during 4 months back. Minggu WARNA, Daurah Hadis every Wednesday, celebrating Raya Korban in Gambang ( Haha dah lah waktu tengah study week ) , IBADAH CAMP ( OMG THIS IS TOO AWESOME CAN'T DESCRIBE IT WITH WORDS!!!), Usrah Study Circle, Usrah Ulul Albab, Jamuan Raya Hisbah At Tufail , iftar with my lovely girls in Kuantan, and so much more!

Sem 1 was beautiful. I'll be having short sem in UIA PJ for two months, starting from 9th November till early January. So I guess, goodbye Gambang for now. InsyaAllah, I'll be back in February.

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