Our goals? | Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"And when the wind blows..I may be bent but I'm not broken."


Sebenarnya sejak bawak laptop keluar dari bilik tadi memang berhajat nak updet blog je, tapi boleh pulak terleka dengan benda lain. Hahaha. Benda cmni la biasa berlaku. Hm saja je bukak youtube nak cr something to listen to..dan terlekat dengan playlist Infinite. Dah hampir 2 tahun kot stop kpop ni sebab kononnya dah taubat hahah. I just can't listen to their song while watching the videos coz Sungyeol is just too cute!! L too!! Hahah opps.

Dah terleka dengan Infinite satu hal, pastu bukak twitter hmmmm satu je tabiat buruk kt twitter ni, stalking. Hahaha I feel such a jerk for doing that but, oh well I just can't help myself. Sy ni jenis sentimental sikit so I really love to do this kind of "down the memory lane thing". But the worse part of it is that I'm kind of a forgetful person. I mean, if I don't intend to keep those things in my memory, then I really won't remember it at all. I think that's just the way our brain works, right? Kalau bio chem physics smua tu bole la ingat sbb we make an effort to memorise it. But for some other things that I don't really have the intention to remember it, I will easily forget about it. Like seriously, early this year I gave a friend a birthday present. Well yes, I remember about giving that present, but I totally forgot that I also sent a birthday card!! Hahaha forgetful me :(

Pheww too much talking about things out of the topic. Actually I wanted to share about something which I find quite important for me. You know, last Raya Korban I didn't go home so I got a chance to celebrate it in Gambang with my other friends. And the thing is, the khutbah raya that morning was really something, like a wake up call for me.

It was during our study week, yes a few days before our final exam for semester 1 and the khutbah that day was really perfect for the occasion. Katanya begini, dunia tu derived from the word 'dana' maksudnya rendah. Maka adakah patut kita, sebagai manusia yg menjadi sebaik baik ciptaan untuk meletakkan matlamat kita pada sesuatu yang rendah? Meletakkan matlamat sekadar matlamat dunia semata? Seharusnya matlamat kita pada sesuatu yang lebih tinggi, iaitu pada akhirat. Matlamat menuju Allah.

Katanya lagi, contohnya sekarang tengah study week, nak final exam, adakah keputusan cemerlang 4 flat tu yg Allah pandang? Tak. Yang Allah pandang adalah usaha kita. Sepanjang persediaan untuk exam ni, adakah usaha kau tu lebih mendekatkan diri kau pada Allah atau sebaliknya? Adakah kau study sorg2 je atau tolong kawan kawan sekali? Adakah kau duk pulun study je sampai solat quran entah ke mana?  Usaha tu yang Allah pandang.

So what are our goals? Merely in our worldly life? Or for our next life in the Hereafter?

Alright so that's all for now! Mintak maaf segala salah silap saya, sama ada dalam tulisan ini atau lain lain perkara. Have a lovely day insyaAllah ^^

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