Bantu dia bertatih | Sunday, February 16, 2014

Assalamualaikum .

Eh dah lama tak update blog en . Hehe yap like lama gila. Hmm bukan sebab takde benda nak tulis, idea datang je menyapa kadang kadang. Cuma rasa malas nak menulis tu lebih menguasai diri. Jadi dilupakan je idea dan hasrat untuk menulis itu. Hehe.

Today I've witnessed the big influence of my awesome girlfriends in my life. Sometimes, God put us in a test and wanted us to learn something the hard way. And lately, being at home, my optimism was running low. So when I'm in a hard situation, it overwhelmed me easily that I almost felt like giving up. Though I've always been the introvert kind, preferring to keep my feelings bottled up inside rather than pouring them out, but with these awesome girls I can't hide any secrets.

So this morning- its 16 Rabiul Akhir 1435 H today , and also Hajar's birthday- I saw Hajar commented on a photo, "A year ago". Which reminded me about our visit to her school on her birthday , bringing a cake and celebrating it with her. Hehe. This year both of us are at home but not meeting up yet. So I texted her a birthday wish and.. that's when I tell about what happened, about my sadness and all. And there you go, Hajar giving her so-called advice and motivation to me. Hehe. Though I'm not really motivated by what she said - Hahaha- but it just feels good to know she's there for me.

And then suddenly a chat head popped out, which was Atiq! Hehe. Atiq is matured now ;) Giving me real advices, and making me fired up with her motivation. Thanks a lot Atiq. Really, you'll never know how much it means to me. Senyum.

And then I had a conversation with another awesome girl this morning. Nad.

"Dah sebulan tak contact dgn dia, Nad.. Sedih la."

"Laa bakpo sedih pulok?"

"Hmm sedih la. Rasa nak have a conversation nga dio. Nak gaduh ngan dia. Hehe."

"Tak tanyo ore lain pasal dio ko?"

"Malu la nad...Nak tanya kat orang lain psl dia."

"Bagus la tu. Nak jadi solehah dh tu."

"Haha nad niiii .. Perli ko?"

"Haha takdok la.."

Hmm teringat lagi hari tu. Pakat dengan nad sama sama pilih UIA. Cakap kat dia, "Nanti kalau kat U kita saeng sama2 boleh laa sy jadi solehah mcm Nad." Hehe.

Hmm moga Allah pertemukan diri ini dengan orang orang yang akan bantu untuk bertatih. Bertatih menjadi solehah. Kerana hakikatnya, diri ini hamba yang lemah. Kalau orang melihat kebaikan pada diri ini pun, hanyalah kerana Allah masih menjaga segala aib ku. Sobs :'(

p/s It started raining today, though only light rain. Alhamdulillah, allahumma soyyiban nafi'a :)
#Girlfriends are awesome.
Alhamdulillah ^^

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