Why 'No'? | Monday, January 20, 2014


Hey everyone :) Today I found my day quite unproductive in the morning. Hmm really hate it when my day turn out unproductive. But hopefully it will be better in the evening and night. Well today I'm gonna share with you why I'd said no.

Say no to what? Ehhe. As you all know I've already gone through SPM in 2013, and currently staying at home while waiting for the results. Huhu I saw Mei and my other friends surveying over the internet for scholarship offers to study overseas. But I'm not doing that, well just because I'd say no to studying overseas.

So why no? Hehe even before I made this decision, I've already expected the responses from everyone. And it turned out that what I expected came true. Everyone was like, why no?, just give it a shot , you'll never know, just believe you can do it, you have a bright future ahead, etc etc. I never denied that furthering studies overseas is a good thing but of course everything has its pros and cons. And sometimes, the one thing that everyone thought is good, might not be the best choice for you. Because for each of us, our circumstances is different. Therefore, the best thing for us will be different too.

So lemme just tell you guys the reason why. Up till now, the only place I've ever applied is to Darul Quran. Which sadly, I didn't get the offer but insyaAllah there's good in everything that Allah put us to. So I've once considered about the UPM Fast Track offer. But in the end I didn't apply that, because after discussing with my parents , they didn't really think it's suitable for me. Hmm and I have nothing to argue with them about that. So right now, I'm not thinking about applying any scholarships overseas or what not, and just waiting for UPU to apply for Asasi in any local universities. Hehe.

So, why no? Hehe still not answering the question ey. Well to be honest, I was really looking forward to further my studies in Jordan. I haven't think about what course to take yet, just that I wanted to go to JUST or Muqtah, or any other universities in Jordan. Hehe. But then when I told my parents about it, my father was just okay with this but my mom didn't really favor my choice. She was worried about me since I have some health issues. Hmm and come to think of it I remembered how it was in UK back then. It was really hard for me. So , she made me agree with her. Haha. I wanted to go overseas, but let's just say my intentions to go there wasn't that much to the extent that I was willing to bear with my situation again just like when I was living in UK. So I believe it'd be better for me to study here. Because Jordan does have the four seasons and those cold times won't do any good for me.

Sooo it seems that my mom does have one concrete reason to forbid me from going overseas. Hehe. I knew the chances, the opportunities, the possibilities. But I would just say no, right from the beginning. I know how it'd go. Even kakak will be furthering her studies soon , in UK right after she finishes her A level this year insyaAllah. I don't know, I feel happy for her but I don't really envy her. Maybe because I understand that this choice is better for me :)

If it's a good thing generally but it brings harm to me, is it still considered as a good thing for me? Because I believe in His words, surely Allah will put me in the best situation as He promised :)

Kamu diwajibkan berperang (untuk menentang pencerobohan) sedang peperangan itu ialah perkara yang kamu benci; dan boleh jadi kamu benci kepada sesuatu padahal ia baik bagi kamu, dan boleh jadi kamu suka kepada sesuatu padahal ia buruk bagi kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah jualah Yang mengetahui (semuanya itu), sedang kamu tidak mengetahuinya.

InsyaAllah, everything will be fine. Moga Allah permudahkan segala urusan.
Have a lovely day! ^^

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