What it takes | Thursday, January 2, 2014


like no one is looking
like you have never been hurt
like no one is listening
like today is the last day

Sometimes all you have to do is to stop living to please others, and just act like no one cares.
Hmm sometimes I do feel this way. Hey Harry Potter, can I have your invisible cloak for a while? I'd want to be invisible.

And there shall come a time when you don't really have anything to post about in your blog, it's just that you still wanted to post something. Though it's only your silly rants. Hahah.

Waktu cuti bila kat rumah macam ni lah. Sebab duk kat rumah je, tak jumpa ramai orang, tak go through different situations so rasa mcm tak tahu nk post pasal apa. And this is just another post to rant. Mungkin buat masa ni posts kat blog ni banyak untuk ranting je kot. Muahahaha. Malas la nak rant kat twitter lebih2. Kat facebook pulak duk share je . Betulla cakap Kak Khalis, I rarely speak through my facebook account. Gee ^^

Nanti lah, insyaAllah there shall be the time for my comeback. Ngeh ngeh. Nak buat post yang bermanfaat sikit hoho. Anyway people who's close to me know how positive and optimistic I am, although in quite a cold and emotionless way. Hahaha. Entah la. I'm an optimistic person, tapi macam takde perasaan sikit. Serious talk. I can't help it.

Btw see the pic above? And there's also translation below the picture. Nice, ey? Dance, like no one is looking. Love, like you've never been hurt. Maybe one of the reasons for me being optimistic was because I love to search for quotes like this. One of my favorite ones , like "Dance barefoot". Heheh. Maybe not many people can relate , but it's okay lah. I dont care heheh.

Hmm lagi seronok bila baca Chicken Soup for the Unsinkable Soul. Heheh touche.
Dah la. Macam merepek sangat je ni. Will be back with another crappy post. Heheh. Byeeez

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