Spill your heart out | Friday, June 7, 2013


"Just because her eyes don't tear, doesn't mean her heart doesn't cry."

 So what's up guys? Heheh must be wondering why am I suddenly posting a new entry out of a sudden, huh? Man, it's 3.20 am already! Omg I didn't write for so long that it felt so awkward, I don't know how to put my thoughts in words anymore. Hahaha. Anyway, I'll just try my best to express my feelings okay :D

I don't have anything specific to post about, this early in the morning. Haha. Realising that it's already Friday, meaning that I'll be leaving home tomorrow T___T I can't bear to think about it. Huhu. Mama..papa, I'm reluctant to leave home~ Anyway let's not think about that lah. Btw I've been observing these past few days, some of my friends are so eager talking about finding life partner, marriage etc. Hahahaha come on guys! We haven't gone through SPM yet! Why so eager already ah?

I never deny that for us, teenagers it's hard to believe if you're not into somebody. I mean, at least you must have a crush on somebody , right? Hahaha. But actually, there are certain people who's just acting ignorant, who would rather be an observant, just checking out on certain people when necessary but most of the time, just did their own thing without even giving much concern about this crush-thingy. Hahaha why am I feeling like describing myself xP Btw yeah, to be frank, I am quite ignorant. When ppl talk about , oh this guy, oh that guy, I'll be like " Huh? Why don't I even know any one of them ? Hah? " Hahaha. That's me. And that explains why Barr said to me ; "FE mesti takde minat sape sape kan" "Em, belum lagi" "Takyah la, senang sikit hidup" . Hahahaha nak tergelak dengar statement sendiri ; belum lagi. Hahaha

I'm not saying it's a bad thing, having a crush on somebody else. Recently I figured out lotsa my friends having crush on another person, and when I found out about who's into who, it was quite surprising :O Hahaha. But there are few sweet stories among those I knew. Hmm, it happens when this person have a crush on another person, but just kept it inside. But suddenly, the other person knew, and how she's so worried , not wanting this thing to distract both of them from guarding their heart for the only one.. So sama-sama bermujahadah . Hmm not an easy thing you know.

I'm trying my best too, mujahadah 'ala nafsih :) But not that I have to worry that much bcause I know nobody's gonna have a crush on me hahahaha. Lawak betul la. It's okay Imma cool young lad. Hahah
I think, that's all for now, maybe. Malas lah cakap banyak pasal hati dan perasaan ini. Heheh.

Or maybe I do have a crush after all, hmm Peter? Hehehe
#Crushing on him during his first appearance in Narnia ^^y

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