Hola people! | Monday, June 3, 2013

Bismillah. Assalamualaikum everyone! So..what's up? Hahah so much of a havoc greeting. Anyways I know it's been like ages since my last post, really sorry about that! Things are just different now. Everytime you come home during holidays, then your mind will start arranging on what to do, where to go, wanting to do everything that you can't do in the hostel. And most of the things involve the internet, social websites, go out with the family and the best part of it, Eating! Heheh. 

It's always the best feeling to be home. But now I realised, what makes us feel better is not the fact of being home , but actually by having the chance to spend our time with the people home, doing things we used to do  on our own way, hehe. That's why this mid term holidays I'm feeling quite lonely, since there's nobody home! Kakak is at her college right now, and Ah had just registered into UiTM Puncak Alam. Left at home is just Abe , hahah. Thank god Mama and Papa is home these past few days. But when they go back to work, then it's just me and abe! Hahah boringg =="

Wait, before that. To anyone who's reading (if there is) Please don't expect much from this post, it's just another crappy one, with myself just wanting to share what I'm feeling now.

So, before the holidays we had our mid term exam which was really suffering, eh? Hahaha. Seriously, Biology Paper 3, Addmaths Paper 2... fuhh mind wrecking! BM too! I really can't figure out how people can get A+ for BM. So confusing man. And today is already 3rd of June. June already! How many days do we have left before our SPM? Err... Before that, SKK will be on 1st of July! *fainted. Hahaha. But believe it or not, there's just this feeling saying I actually do love this school. Hahah. I'm really gonna miss the moments we had here, when we're out of school. Missing our baju prep, musalla moment's , class parties (Muslimin semangat gila bab makan2 hahah) , Debate and PERKISAS and everything we've gone through here. 

Sayangnya KISAS.

# Life is a constant change.

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