Ibtasimu :) | Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Hey everyone! Looooong time no see, eh? Heheee I'm back for the Chinese New Year holiday :) Alhamdulillah dapat cuti seminggu, kalau tak memang sah tak balik lah. Jaga asrama je huhu. Anyway I've been wanting to post a new entry since...yesterday kot? Or a few days back? Entah la, but one thing for sure, I never posted sbb asyik tangguh2 je. Eheh gomen~ So when someone asked me whether I'll update or not maka tergerak lah jari jemari ni untuk menaip. Finally. Hee.

So, I don't really have a specific thing/topic in mind to write about, so this will be just another random stuff, writing about just anything that crossed my mind right now. Starting with... this :

Akan ku bimbingmu
sekadar yang ku termampu
Menyemai iman dan menuai taqwa

Biar tak bertemu
di gerbang mahligai cinta
Cukuplah sekadar teman yang biasa

#np Nur Syahadah :) Touche. Hati mana yang tak touching dengan lirik tu :') Eheh. Anyway I just got home after quite a long day going out with mama , papa and abe. Hee sangat best shopping2. At least dapat la baju baru and unexpectedly, I bought a new novel. Sebenarnya nk beli Detective Conan tp since there's no latest volume (Frustating T_T huhu) So I went to look for English novels, and taraaa! Found Sarah Dessen's book! I was quite hesitating whether to buy it or not , but in the end. Well let's say I just couldn't resist the temptation. Haha. So I bought it! What Happened to Goodbye -Sarah Dessen. I've already started reading it , and it was quite interesting :) Can't wait to proceed into more chapters teehee.

So far that I've read (which covers only two chapters hahaha) the novel's about a girl, whose father and mother got divorced. After the divorce, she went with her father, travelling from one place to another. They never stayed long at any of those places, and everytime reaching a new place, this girl would come up with a new identity, being a girl with a whole different personality than those she had been in the previous places she went to. And when they finally moved to a place called ( I don't know because it's not mentioned yet) but this place somehow reminds them of their true identity. The basketball thing, ( I don't get this issue quite well yet, may be explained in upcoming chapters haha) and this girl herself, getting to know her new neighbour called Dave, may bring her to realise that the best option was just to be yourself. I think that's an early picture of the story, but I think I'll go into more details once reading through all the chapters. Hehe.

I think I better end the post now. It's a boring one, yeah I know. Maybe I'll post another one tonight. But.. I have something to do tonight, hmm. Let's just wait and see eh. Uuu malam ni Kak Fahima nak ber-usrah online. Menarik! Hehe. Anyway, I feel so grateful and totally lucky to get to know people, whom sometimes made me feel I never deserved to be friends with them. Not in a bad way, i mean they're too nice and how can they possibly put up with my annoying/fussy/ridiculous behavior? Hahaha. Kesabaran tahap tinggi :) But anyhow, thank you thank you and thank you for being my friends :D And thank you for being the advisor, melayan kerenah kita yg mcm budak ni xP

Till the next post! Sorry for this crappy post T_T
Bye! Oreo cheese cake yum yumm.
Assalamualaikum :D

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