Wishes | Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hey everyone! I've been reading What Happened to Goodbye, being so immersed in the novel since this morning. Hehe hopefully I can finish reading it before returning to the hostel. Yeah I don't wanna bring this one over to school. It's a new book, bought it with my own money! (haha) so I kinda don't want it to be passed over from hand to hand and end up err...quite not good in condition lah.

It was a really good book, making me love it more as I read into more chapters. Teehee. And reading this book made me realize, we have so many things to be grateful for. I mean, our blessing are countless, and one of the biggest blessings in life is to be in a wonderful family. Now , here the word wonderful is an abstract one. A family doesn't need to be a really wealthy one to be wonderful, though the wealth really could help to ease our life, especially in these day. But you get what I mean, right? Look back on our own family. Ain't we totally very very grateful to have them, each and every one of them?

Okay so maybe there are people who feels they're quite unlucky with their family, thinking other people are waaay better off with their family. But hey, we don't get to choose our family, but seriously be thankful with it. Your parents don't get to choose you either. They accepted you and cherished you the way you are. So that's how you should do it too. Being a perfect family doesn't mean that we have perfect parents and siblings, but accept everyone the way they are and we'll complete each other.

For instance, I have a small family. Parents, an elder sister and a younger brother. I might sometimes envy people with many siblings, the more the merrier, ey. But we're fine too. Let's go into a deeper context. Moving into an Islamic school, you'd see lotsa families with a firm religious background. And for me? Yeah eventhough my mum's not the type wearing tudung labuh, papa tak simpan janggut mcm ustaz2, but alhamdulillah I got the fardu ain education , learning well about Islam, even at my previous school back then. And when I moved into KISAS , alhamdulillah I get a better chance to keep up thaqafah.

But still, what I'm trying to say here is, don't grunt over what you get. Be it a good one (which you should totally be more grateful about it) or even bad things, just say Alhamdulillah and thank Allah. As they always say, everything happens for a reason. Behind every single thing in life, there's a lesson you can take. Learn from them. Don't just get emotionally drowned without taking the point. Seriously, especially to us teenagers, it's the best time of our life. So many things, so many surprises occuring in our life everyday. Don't just let it slide away like that. Learn your lessons from life experiences.

Be happy and enjoy. Smile, no matter what happened. Though, yeah, I know it's easier said than done. but who knows your little smile could bright up someone's else day. You'll never know unless you try it for yourself :) Tehee. Be positive, always. Positive and husnuz zhon towards Allah, your parents, teachers, friends and everyone around you :D

And, if you somehow, reach a point of wanting to give up, think back of the only reason why you hold on for so long. You've gone so far, don't give up mid way just like that :) Believe, put faith in Allah. And, do things that'll make you happy and cheer up your day. Some of the things I love to do:

That's a few. But I'm sure you guys have your own favorite things to do, so just do it! Good luck~ Eheh. Before I end my post, here's another piece. Guys, If you want to be happy, then be. :)
Bye everyone! Assalamualaikum :D Have a lovely day~

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