Time Out | Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hey everyone :D I know I should be doing my physics scrapbook now, but well let's just forget about that for a sec. I need a break. A time out. Berehat bersama KitKat mungkin? Haha. Luckily our fridge has lotsa food and most of them are chocs. Hahaha. Because I think I might need a lot of choc supply these few days, since the mood these days are kinda like -,- urghhh you know. But I can't believe Abe dared to eat the rest of the Toblerones! I thought we had a deal that I would eat T-O-B-L-E and he'd take R-O-N-E! Hahaha. Abe tok aci :P

And I'm writing this post merely to get away from those stuffs I've been doing. Really, I can't work when I'm stressed - hungry and sleepy. Haha maybe that's why I often walk out of the class and go for a walk to the library or just anywhere else during those long hours of Saturday prep. Yeah we've got like four straight hours of prep. What do they expect us to do? Then I'd end up doing just a little bit of work or revision before dozed off to sleep hahaha. I know, I'm not that kind of hardworking type. Hesy kurang rajin betul -,-

This is seriously a random post. Ah whatever , like there would be anyone who'd read my blog haha. Anyway I really think I'm quite weird in someway. My favorites, interests and choices. Haha. I used to be such an anime freak but not really anymore. But I still collect comics :) And Im so proud with my collection haha. I watch football, eventhough I don't really have any particular teams which I fancy so much. I'm so excited for food, a truly food lover and of course I love to cook because then I can eat! #Food :O Haha. I hate girly stuffs - like make-ups , barbie dolls, pink things! But I still used pink as my blog and twitter background though haha.  I never wore any high heels, my only footwear collections would be sandals and sneakers. Sports sandals - adidas , nike would be more preferrable. Hehe.

And the most weirdest part may be this, my taste for music. Haha. Yeah I don't really mind, I listen to all kind of songs. I enjoy nasyeed. Sometimes I opt for heavy musics like Simple Plan, Linkin Park, MCR and One Republic. But at the same time, I'm so in love with English classics love songs. Haha. Likeeee this song :

I'm done babbling here. Hehe. Waaah it feels better after expressing :D Take time to listen to the song, it's a great song :) Kayy everyone. Have a lovely day!
The end.

Assalamualaikum :)

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