Sweet Bravery | Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hey everyone :D So Im here again, with a mood to post. Hahaha. Tunggu mood ke apa? But this red lappy dont have mozilla firefox so I have to use IE so I have to bear the hatred of not having the chance to view my blog arghhh! Haha ayat tunggang langgang plus emosi tgh frust dgn IE haha.

Let's forget about that. Uhuuuu what's with the title today, sweet bravery huh? Okay I have to admit that was a line picked from Owl City's song. Guess which song? To The Sky hihi. But the topic has something to do with what Im gonna write about. See, you know Im that kind of girl who would never initiate a conversation with someone I dont know. With a stranger. But yesterday, I did. For a really solid reason. Hihi. I sent her a message and tried to explain everything. Because I want her to feel better. I want to wash away her worries. Her insecurities. Because that way I'll feel better too.

Why? I dont think I can really tell the story here. Its kinda private and confidential hihi. Anyway the one mentioned would surely know. She knows. The reason is simple. Because a girl should protect another girl. That's what I believe. If we do not protect our own sisters, then who will do so? But still, I was really nervous starting from the moment I clicked the "send" button until I've got a reply from her. Alhamdulillah, it was a positive reply. Yeah, I know you're a great girl. You've been dealing with this for so well all this time (since it started recently I mean) but I just wanted to offer you some more help to deal with your feelings.

I know there must be times that you're dying to know about things. About who I am, like, who on earth is this girl, suddenly showing up? Hihi. You cannot ask anyone so thats why I kinda want to let you know this stuffs now. And really, thank you for telling me the truth between you two! Hee it's really exciting to know :DD Ohmyy hehe. Alahai sweetnyaaaa~~

I'm sorry if I cant really understand your feelings. Like I've told you before Im not really the kind that takes much notice of this kind of feelings. Im more to an ignorant one, sometimes Im cold blooded too haha. Scary huh? And again, Im sorry if I made things hard for you, if I made you restless having to think about this things complicatedly. Anyway, be happy :) And good luck! Hehe

End of post :)
p.s I'll be off to Penang tomorrow. Maybe for a week or so? Huhu bye lappy :'(

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