Small changes Big differences | Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hey everyone :D And yeah, with the topic today, I can't believe I'm turning seventeen next year! Cehh gaya gempak je seventeen huahua. Anyway yeah, small change - just adding up a year to my age but big differences will it bring, I believe. And that indicates my last year of school, next year. Huaaa I don't wanna leave school and got to start acting like an adult. Because I've seen it happen. The change from a school girl to a college girl. Being out of school is so not that fabulous. Yeah you don't have to wear uniforms anymore, and no more strict rules about almost everything, quite flexible schedule, but still it's not always wonderful. I'm sure I'm gonna miss school A LOT when I step out of it. Because when you think getting straight A+s in SPM may put you on top of the world, well it doesn't really work that way ( Well maybe you'd feel that for a while) But when you start thinking about those sholarship interviews, choices of courses and majors and which universities would ever take you in, that's when the panic attack started. Err but that's what I've seen through a sister , not that I've been through it myself hahahaha.

Eh tak perlu lah fast forward sgt en. Haha. So thinking about my last year of school, I really really hope that I could contribute to my school, in any way I can :) Kalau dulu waktu kt SMKWB bila fikir psl berbakti utk sekolah, ye lah boleh tolong2 cikgu, tolong kawan tu je lah. Tapi bila kt sekolah sekarang, dgn semua program cikgu serahkan pada kami utk handle, I seriously could see lotsa chances for us to contribute to school. It's just up to us whether we're willing to do it or not. Kalau sekadar pergi sekolah, seriously study 24/7 well yeah you got your straight A+s but where is the real meaning of learning? Because learning is a process, not only when you memorise the facts and figures in those text books , do crazy lots of exercise, then poof! Aced in your exams. Yeah, that is education -  academically but we do not want to become robots, right?

So that's why not only we have to ace academically but please take part in polishing your soft skills too. Join the programs in school, pick up a sport - I mean jangan main hadap buku je. hahaha kejam nya statement. Memang la bila tolong cikgu untuk handle program, kena la korbankan sikit masa belajar, masa prep tu tapi its okay lah kan. Sbb kalau bukan kita yg buat, nk harapkan sape lg?

Haha weh seriously post ni macam kabut je. I've actually wanted to post about something else tp mcm dh tersimpang ke tajuk lain pulak. Adeih. Boleh pulak idea kecemerlangan akademik sekolah vs kelangsungan tarbiah dan biah solehah tersimpang ke tajuk... err psl apa eh post ni? Like all over the places already. Aiyya.

I'm sorry. Sometimes I get like this - unorganized ideas and way of writing. Please forgive me T-T. Dah la maybe I just need a lunch muahaha. I'll try to write better in the upcoming posts. Kay bye! Have a lovely day everyone :D Assalamualaikum #

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