Jalan Mujahadah Itu | Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Jalan Mujahadah itu,
sungguh berliku dugaannya,
sabar lah menghadapi,
ujian dari Ilahi #

Teringat lagu Impianku yg akak form 6 nyanyi wktu HANA DAY, diorang gubah dari melody lagu Taeyang-Only Look At Me. Hee memang sgt best lagunya. So everyone, jom mulakan hari kita dgn ma'thurat after Subuh, insyaAllah dipermudahkan urusan :)

So what's with the topic today? Hmm..I don't know why but I seem to mingle with different kind of people now, compared to before. It's a good thing though, like I love it when my twitter timeline is filled with tazkirah-kind-of tweets, and going through the homepage in facebook, all the way reading statuses about Islam and still, tazkirah.

So yeah, I've read it before, in Hilal Asyraf's website. What we can do in playing our role as an da'ie - by using the means of social network. It saids there that, if you're a vlogger then make videos about Islam. If you're a blogger then post about Islam in your blog. And the least you can do, well hey you must have a facebook at least right, so why don't you post about Islam too sometimes? It doesn't neceessarily to post ONLY islamic posts. Yeah, you can do that but if you're still not used to it, and still at the stage of trying to begin, then it's okay if you can post/share an Islamic article in a few days. Just make sure people who scroll through your timeline can at least get some benefit.

That's what Hilal Asyraf says. It hits me quite hard since I have facebook, tumblr and blog. Yeah, I've been trying sharing and reblogging Islamic posts in facebook and tumblr - that's fine with me. But what I'm trying to highlight here is, for me to write my individual post on my blog, like a real tazkirah with some quran verses or hadith, I'm not sure if I can do it. Hee you can see for yourself what I've been posting in my blog. I thought this blog just as a medium to express my thoughts and daily experiences/stories. Yeah, I've been thinking to write tazkirah-kind-of posts, but I really am not sure how should I start.

That's when I get really jealous with those who are able to do that. That's when I get jealous with girls who really have the strength to wear "tudung labuh berjahit" all the time. And even better, those who wears niqab. Allah :') But still one question lingers in my mind - how do they have their meals, eh? Hehe

But still, it's not that I can't try. Right :) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I've heard a hadith saying - Man qaala laailahaillallah fahuwa da'ie - Sesiapa yg mengucap laailahaillallah maka dia seorang da'ie. Then the responsibility rests in our shoulders, to spread the good. Because we're brothers and sisters in Islam, of course we want the best for all of us, not only thinking the benefit of ourself. Ballighu anni walau aayah - Sampaikan daripadaku walau sepotong ayat.

Just for a kick start, I wanna encourage all of you to start your day with ma'thurat :D - Kan akak2 slalu kata, ma''thurat tu kekuatan kita :). And oh, for starters, ma'thurat is a compilation of dua's that our beloved prophet Muhammad (pbuh) used to recite in the mornings and evenings. If you don't have your own ma'thurat copy, then just google it. Hee baca yg ma'thurat sughra pun dh cukup insyaAllah :)

So, that's my first try hehe. Hope that it's beneficial :) Have a lovely day everyone!

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