For the first time | Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hey everyone :D I know I know its half past two in the morning and it must be ridiculous of me to post something this late but well, I'm home so I can do anything as I wish hahahaha *Kay kidding. So next week I'm gonna have to say goodbye to all these luxuries and return to my lovely hostel xD haha. That explains my current situation - struggling to complete my holiday packages. Oh well that's what a student life is. If you would not include those diligent type students who finish their homework by December of course haha.

So I've got to try my best to fill in all those blank answer spaces in my Addmaths module, which other kids get their module done waaaay before the final year exam. Hahaha. And finding the articles for English. Geez. And yeah! I totally forgot that I need to memorise those definitions for PSI's mutiara hati. Oh well oh well. Nah, dont give up! I'm sure gonna make it! Yeah that's the spirit :D Hehe

But hey, I think it's not that bad being at the hostel. Of course after spending a period of 24/7 tv internet and food entertainment for myself at home, I would be quite reluctant leaving home to the hostel next week. But I didn't say that I hate being there. In fact, I quite love it there. If you would not talk about those crazy depressing times of.... well let's just not talk about it. Haha.

I would seriously miss the moments when we listen to tazkirah at musalla al muqarrabin, running to the gate when you're late and hoping that the prefects won't write your name in their late-to-school/prep list, and of course listening to announcements like - Perhatian kepada semua warga aspuri, anda dikehendaki mengosongkan kawasan aspuri dalam masa 5 minit lg - everytime before prep or at 6.20 pm every evening - Perhatian kpd semua warga aspuri anda dikehendaki turun ke dewan makan skrg juga. Nama yg lewat akan diambil sekarang - Hahaha. Really, and the announcement that excites me the most is of course - I'lan ila Farah Eliessa indaki al dduyuf , Perhatian kepada Farah Eliessa anda ada pelawat - Hahaha :D

So yeah. It's quite fun. And sometimes exhilarating :) I love spending time at the library when I'm too lazy for homework during preps, just sitting on the bench admiring the evening sky after dinner, and yeah weekends when you can eat you breakfast without rushing to school hehe.

So, I hope in 2013, well Im turning seventeen, so I seriously should focus on my studies, be diligent, hardworking and to myself : Please stop embarassing yourself, and by that I mean, I wish to not sleep in class anymore which is quite err.. No I can surely do this! I'll try my best not to sleep in class especially during PQS and Maths. I'm so sorry teachers :-/

Haha, and with that, I end my post. Thankyou :) Assalamualaikum #

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