Short noticed enough. | Sunday, November 18, 2012


Ha. Reminiscence. Made me think of our totally last minute plan - the debate party. That, was seriously something short noticed. We only planned it while all of us were busy preparing for the annual dinner and all we know, we're having that party on Wednesday!

Sa'adah were nervous, thinking how would the senior debuddies react with our simple party. Haha. We only had balloons and some cards written Up Up and Awaaaay - our so-called party theme :P Haha. But I totally had fun preparing for this function. Not that we have much time to prepare anything, but especially the night when we - the girls - decorate the presents and when the idea of Up up and awaaaay just popped in our minds at about... 2 am. Haha. I was totally immersed in trying to create a masterpiece on the presents. Haha bak kata Shamo - kesungguhan! Duhhh we only had to paint a bit and write SDC '12 (SASIC Debate Club). Haha.

And then that day, we were relieved that the seniors like it. They were totally happy about it and maybe, touched? Hihi. The food was delicious and the speeches from everybody was..great to hear hikhik :P We had done our best and we truly hope the seniors would keep this as one of their memories here :')

We had some pictures taken. So - here it is :)

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