Now and forever | Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I always had weird post titles that have no relation at all with what I'm about to write. Never mind lah, actually I was eagerly wanting to write a post since...err hours ago? But when I turned on the lappy then I've got to check Facebook and Twitter first and yeah, which took some of my time. Haha. Considering I'm discussing something quite heavy with Hulma too, so yeah that kind of delays me from writing a post. But here I am now! Haha.

Okay I know maybe I was babbling too much.
Write to express, not to impress.
Sometimes, I get afraid. I fear that whatever I write in my blog, its not merely to express my feelings and thoughts, but I have that bad intention of trying to impress others. That's one of the reasons I feel uneasy when I knew somebody from school reads my blog. I don't really mind if someone anonymous or any silent readers read my blog, because they wont give any feed backs or tell me anything about whatever I write. So I wont have to worry about how my writing give any impressions to them. But when knowing that anyone I know, anyone close to me reads my blog, its kinda worrying me. Because I'm afraid that my real intention of writing would alter from expressing to impressing. That's not good, right?

 So friends, really the main reason I blog is just to express my stories here. Okay? Let's drop that subject for now. Hihi.

I thought I was planning to write about something else just now. Haha. What was it, eh? Err..ohh Holidays! I've been thinking about my feelings recently. I mean, when I'm home for this holiday, there were some things that changed. Like how I still love my bedroom, every inch about it but still the feeling about it had changed somehow. This time, I had no plans of a new makeover for my room, or wanting to get a new coat of paint for the room, or doing whatever things that I've thought of before, every time the holidays came. This year I had the feelings that I knew I wont be staying permanently home. I knew I had to go later. So I focused more on how to arrange things on my divider next year, or which dorm would I choose, who would be my bed-neighbour haha. See, I'm only thinking plans about my life at the hostel. sighh I hate how I miss that part of school.

And I think, I've forgot about my passion of blogging. I thought my posts now are all ridiculous. I didn't get those interesting ideas to post anymore. Have I changed into a boring person? OH NOOOOO!

Okay Im starting to get insane. I better stop writing now. Kbye lovely people :)

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