Its a blessing | Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hey everyone :) It's 11 o clock now and suddenly I'm so eager to write a post. Weird huh? It's been raining since evening here. That kinda relates with my topic hihi. Hujan itu rahmat Allah kan, Alhamdulillah :)) I love the sound of the rain and how it makes us feel so cold , being all cuddly on our beds hihi but most of all, I'm loving the smell of the rain. Or maybe I'm the only one who notices these kind of things haha. But really, I love the smell when it rains~

Im pretty proud with myself today since I started to do my holiday packages, today I did PSI halfway through only, because after that I had a look at the newspapers and got interested with the sudoku. Hihi. Made me realize that sometimes, things can get harder just when it seems like to be the end. Just like when I was completing that sudoku, I had only a few more empty boxes to fill in when I saw an error..and then, well let's just say that the rest is history. Haha.

And today I knew that waiting for somebody can be quite a pain, ya know. Haha. I've been waiting for a friend..who didn't show up for two days ( I mean, on the line of course) And yeah talking about lines, celcom really get people on their nerves. What's with the line problem and all? Hesy :-/ Anyway I didn't know when would that friend of mine be home, but I really hope I can get in touch with that person soon! (Okay this is an utterly frank confession) haha.

And, how I spent the rest of my day today? Well I was quiet enjoying the second book from The Gallagher Girls series. Yep I got these books from scholastic. Geez rewinding about my last day of school, I truly think it'd be better for me to go distribute those Scholastics books instead of participating in the Deko Idaman thing -,- Well things already happened, huh? But it was the right decision to stay at the cooking competition venue in the evening :D Hihi I had a great deal of trying the menus they prepared! ;)

I didn't update my twitter today...for some reasons. Haha. Okay I know it might be lame but I just wanna keep those tweets at the top of my page. Let them be there..for some time. Hihi. I have reasons for that okay xD

Last message, dear bloggie, I still love you. And I still thought you as my best place to express my ideas and thoughts. Don't be offended if I might abandon you sometimes, okay :D

Have a lovely day everyone! I wanna go prepare lasagna for my supper :) Hihi

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