Err | Thursday, November 15, 2012

Seriously I almost got a mini heart attack just now. Ruin anything, but not my blog. My blog could not be displayed just now and I'm going frantic. haha. Alhamdulillah its all fine now.

So hello people :) How are you? Today's awal Muharram and despite our joy here celebrating awal Muharram, it's heart breaking to see our Muslim brothers and sisters being attacked in Gaza. #prayforGaza.

A year has gone by, and for me this year had been a year that taught me most in everything I go through. Learning to part with your family, starting to know a whole new circle of people and living with them, catching up with studies among all those geniuses there (haha), and to simply conclude all that is, I'm learning to grow up.

Less post since I've gone to boarding school, ey. Hee actually too many things happened, and I dont know where to start. (Again, the cliche words in my posts haha). Let's start with the latest thing that happened to me...hmm Final Year exam? Well, I'm truly grateful with my result. Alhamdulillah :D But let's not talk about that. Other topic..KISAS Olympic? :) Hihi

So KISAS Olympic, sorry but I totally forgot what Olympic stands for. Its kinda like Leadership and something Programme..err let's ignore that. Haha. So there were three trips, Alpha - Beta - Charlie. I went for the last trip, Charlie on 5th to 7th of November. And yes, lucky for us being the last trip so we got the chance to listen to the Alpha kids telling their stories since they've gone first. But still, maybe not so lucky, since they're giving us fright about the night walk and all! Haha.

I'm not worried about sleeping in a tent, or flying fox, abseiling or kayaking bla bla but the night walk, seriously that did make me worry. But when I've gone through it, I think it was okay, lah. Haha. I'm number 96 for the turn and at that time it was 3 something in the morning. The trees were too huge that they block the moonlight, eventhough there were not much moonlight for us that night. I felt like blinded. All the time, I walked while reciting the selawat and gripping to my sweater haha. I kept my pace not to walk too fast or too slow. And yeah, I saw things. Haha. Shh.

The second day was really fun though! Our group went for the flying fox and abseiling first. I love the flying fox, hoping we could try again. But the abseiling was not really my thing. Whats with going down a wall with you legs 90 degrees? I don't get the fun. Haha. Kayak was also one of the enjoyable thing. We kayak until we reached the mini Malaysia, and did rafting too. Hii.

I was in Group 12 - Yuki. Haha. I proposed the name, yeah I know it's ridiculous. But since the theme is North Pole, snow is something quite synonym with that right? Our group was..okay. Haha. But we got lost in orienteering. I hate that part. Haha. Above all, we're fine as a group, err hihi.

As a conclusion, I love KISAS Olympic. Haha. Kbye.

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