Dreams and wishes. | Friday, November 23, 2012

 Assalamualaikum :)
It's been a while since I've updated my blog and I found out recently that some friends from school knew about my blog. Haha. Awkward. But..its okay lah.

I still hate this new blogspot format but I can't contain myself from writing a new post. Haha or maybe because tonight I'm having some free time? Cehh macam la selama ni busy :P kidding. So I have a wish. I thought everyone would have a wishlist in their life huh? I do have one too. I remembered during my early days in Kolej Islam, when I wasn't really fitting in, I have this lists of lovely things around me that I've always noticed and like. That lists kinda helped me to hold on and stayed through the hard days there. Nothing much about the list really, just simple things that I thought should be cherished. Like - seeing a full moon so bright that you could almost see the craters - or this one - feeling good right after having a phone call with your parents - and the list goes on.

But that's not what I meant to write in this post. Hee terkeluar topik pulak. Dreams and wishes. The latest thing that I put on my wishlist is - to travel around the world, to have a look at all the beautiful mosques and yes that includes Masjidil Aqsa :) I dont know about you, but I truly love seeing all those beautiful mosques around the world. Even in Malaysia, when we had the trip to Masjid Negeri, I was totally fascinated! Cantik sangat sangat :D

I see people travelling all over the world. Ye lah, Adelin, Ciknor baru balik dari Korea. Solehah that day went to Jordan. Teacher Maziah went to Mesir. Japan, Aussie, where else? It's great to see them have a chance travelling here and there. Jealous ke? Not really because I believe insyaAllah my time will come :) Err baru pegi beberapa tmpat oversea je but in the future insyaAllah doakan utk pegi lebih byk countries. Learn the traditions, history and lagi best kalau dapat peluang jumpa saudara2 Muslim di setiap negara tu.

Conclusion - Apa2 pun yang kita buat, jangan biarkan ia jadi perkara sia2. Make it beneficial and try to give contributions to our deen :) Never think you're alone. The least you can do is make a difference in yourself, insyaAllah that will be beneficial to others too, in any way somehow. Have faith in whatever you do.

p.s Sorry this post tonight was kinda like all over the place - idea terabur - haha sama la dgn state otak ni yang tak berapa organized. Many things on my mind for the time being. Anyway, harap dpt amik ibrah somehow. Peace :)

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