Malu. | Tuesday, August 21, 2012

pink gila. eeeeuw. never mind the colour, just take the message at heart ;)


Before I start, Happy Eidul Fitri everyone! yeah I know it may be a bit late since today's already the third of Syawal, but anyway better late than never. haha. Seeking forgiveness for all my wrongdoings, and if any of my posts here ever insulted or offended you. Sorry! Have a blessed Raya :) And the biggest test of Ramadhan starts now in Syawal. Whether we'll be able to keep doing ibadah like what we did in Ramadhan. *fuhh sweating. Moto sekolah "Fastaqim kama umirta" hihi. Let's be istiqamah insyaAllah!

Okeh baru nak start the real post. haha.
Bukankah malu tu ibarat mahkota bagi wanita? Err..wanita? Gadis lah. Haha perasan muda :P True, secantik cantik muslimah tu bukan kah yang dihiasi dengan malu. We have so many things that we're shy about. Its to the extent that sometimes, the other gender can never understand the reason for us not doing something. If we simply said the reason is I'm shy, they cant seem to tolerate with that reason. But truly, what they thought are small things, can be a big matter to us.
Sabar je la =='

Ya Allah what am I writing here. I'm so not good in words . Much worse in delivering my true intentions. And I think I may have social problems -.- I took so long to mingle up with people. When other people have started a casual chat with someone, I was still thinking whether I should go talk with that person. Oh well, thats me. Chicken chop betul -,-

Tapi takpe, tabah lah wahai muslimah yang dihiasi malu, kan Fatimah az Zahra pernah berpesan,
Muslimah sejati itu, tidak memandang dan tidak dipandang,
di bibirnya tidak meniti nama nama lelaki
dan di bibir bibir lelaki tidak meniti namanya.

Kepada awak, who I wish to convey my message to,
Sorry I didnt go to your house,
I'm shy.

End of post.

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