More to come | Monday, May 28, 2012


Hey everyone! Good morning :) So I've promised to write the other stuffs in another post right? So here I am again, in the new post! Aha. So, what to tell in this post ey?

Let's just talk about the latest programme I joined, which was the PRS trip to Muzium Shah Alam. It was under the Sahabat Muzium program, and we joined the Eksplorasi Muzium. It was totally fun! We actually went around the muzium before the program started, and were already quite exhausted. Haha. Then when the game's on, we actually had to rush around the museum looking for answers to questions which are sooooo majaz with implicit meanings. Haha. Like the question about the keris thing, and de rasa. Haha.

Oh not to forgot, I was paired up with Mun aka Siti Munirah. Sadly our team do not win but nevermind because we already have lotsa fun! *Mun, jgn bgtau org lain psl katak n buaya tu :P haha. By the way, no I'm not a PRS. haha. I was just .. err chosen. hehe. Cikgu Nurasiah , the one who went with us was totally sporting! Hehehe .I'll upload the pictures later. I've tried just now but it took so long :-/ Nasuha and Badar won the first place, and the got RM200, and another Muslimin team got the 3rd place with RM160 I think.

Done with that visit, then we've got the high table dinner :) Hehe. We already had Khalid's, Omar's and Ali's recently. Khalid came up with the them masquerade, Omar with night of chocolate and they gave us cotton candy! haha. Ali came up with The Eternal Love of Taj Mahal. I actually really really excited to wait our house's high table which will be held a week after second sem starts. Hihi. I'm sure Thariq will make it enjoyable :) Go Thariq! Haha.

I cannot write too long because I'll be taking too much time when I'm supposed to be working on my homework and holiday package. Yeah I know. Sweet  holiday package <3 haha

That's all. it's a boring post. I know. Haha. Till then, have a lovely day everyone! Bye!

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