After what seems to be forever | Sunday, May 27, 2012


Hey everyone! :) So, after about three months of hiatus from my dear bloggie, which seems to be forever, here I am again! But wait, so Blogger is totally using this new kind of format? Aaah I'm so not used to this. I've only left the blog for three months but there's too many changes! Just like facebook. So I end up not knowing how to do this and that and felt so outdated. Haha. Let's just ignore that and back to the topic.

What is the topic actually? Haha. I'm just writing this to share my stories of about three months in KISAS after the first sem break last March. Seriously, too many things happened and I'm not sure if I can possibly write about all of it. Haha. I'll try and let's just go topic by topic. Hehe.

First thing would be...debate :)
We've been doing a lot of practices since then and I'm still not really good but I'm trying my best. When I first started, I was the first speaker, but now I'm more comfortable being the second speaker. Hehe. But still there's a lot more to learn, especially on how to find strong points, how to elaborate and make sure you can talk more than 6-7 minutes or simply what to do when suddenly your first speaker took your point. Haha.

I had lots of fun when we had the friendly match with BASIS (Sains Banting). We went to their school and I actually hoped that we could stay longer or maybe spend a night there? haha. seriously their school is sooooo beautiful with the new building and all. We had the debate in their library, I was the second speaker of the gov under the motion THBT More Funding Should Be Given To Schools with Higher Academically Achieved Students. I was really thrilled, eventhough it was just a friendly match but it was my first match :) So yeah, it was a great experience for me.

Then there was this ex-debater from SDAR who actually came to KISAS for a visit, but he joined us that night and shared about SDAR's debate team. He was nice and yeah, we do know Imam Hasan al Banna okey. Hahaha. It was kind of an exchange of ideas session, and we talked about his impression on KISAS before and after coming here for the visit. It was quite shocking to hear about that but still we're glad that he enjoyed his stay in KISAS.

I also got the chance to meet senior debaters , Kak Kida, Kak Syu and Aloy who came for the HKSBP team. They were very sporting and supportive and cool. Haha. I specially loved it when we discussed about the education system in Malaysia and how we were all worried when being told about the scholarship and university stuffs. They were really helpful and I truly hope they can keep on coming. But seems like all of them will be pursuing their studies soon. let's just wait and see later.

Look I've only talked about debate stuff and the post is already too long. Haha. Maybe I should continue with other stuffs in another post? Hehe. Besides I'm off to prepare lunch! Hehe. Then that's the end of this post. See you in another post, till then! Have a lovely day everyone :D Bye!

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