Part 1 | Monday, March 12, 2012


Bismillahi awwal wa akhir. Hey everyone! How are you doing? Hope that you're having a super nice day :D So, about the long-awaited-post, (hahaha) alright I'm gonna post about it now! Considering the request from Kak Ada comeyy, here I present you with the longest post in my history of blogging. BE PREPARED >

The New Phase in My Life

yeah, you can see that. With bolded and italic words. There it goes, I'm not really sure myself if this is an entirely new book in my life, or is it just a new chapter in the already existing book? Okay maybe I'm making this thing too unknown, so the beloved readers who are still unaware of what I'm talking about, let me make it clear :) The new phase in my life refers to my upper form life :D what makes me consider it as a new phase? I mean, what makes it so significant to me?
Well, to answer that, just take a look here :)

sorry for the lame screen shot, yep that was in January. Alhamdulillah, it never crossed my mind to be a KISAS-ian. I mean, KISAS is one of the greatest SBP and with so many straight A's applicants, I'm obviously invisible right? I'm totally grateful alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah, rezeki Allah yang tentukan dan sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yg terbaik buat kita.

Actually I have too many things to tell about! Too many things to share that I don't know how to arrange all my stories, in a structured manner! haha. Anyway let's talk about my first impression of KISAS :)) hee.

First impression?

Okay, this is a frank confession and my true feelings. My first impression once I got there, I feel totally out of place! Especially seeing all the seniors wearing tudung labuh, all talking in ever so polite manner, being so gracious, all I could do was stood there observing and wonder, where on Earth am I??

Kay done with the disorientated feelings. My name was listed in class 403 Al Kindi. And I am proudly in the THARIQ house! Beyond Unlimited Glory :D hehe. What else, eh? Class 403, Thariq House, and yeah Dorm F31 which has the most occupants, 30 of us altogether!

Okay, actually I still got lotsa things to tell, but with the slow internet connection, and with my mind not able to work efficiently since this headache is kinda bad plus my not-so-good mood, I have to stop here.

Truly sorry for the badly organized post, sorry for everything! Have a nice day everyone :) and pray for me a nice day too insyaAllah :D positive thinking!!

Kbye everyone!

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