I'm homeeeeeeee! | Saturday, March 10, 2012

Alhamdulillah, after a journey of almost 12 HOURS I arrived home! For the first time since my hijrah! hehe :D I just can't describe my excitedness waiting for this first semester break. A month away from home and I finally got home, bi iznillah alhamdulillah :)

Right, I haven't tell anything about the new chapter and phase of life that I'm going through right? Well, looks like I have to postpone that to tomorrow, because sharing about that new phase in my life; a significant phase, will surely be a super maximum long post! Just imagine how will I compose a month worth strories into one post? Haha :D

Considering that it's already 3.49 a.m now, and with me still wearing my school uniform, please note that I've just arrived home at about 2.45 a.m, so don't blame me for still wearing the uniform I've been wearing since this morning okay! haha. What I meant is, i can't write too long. Or maybe this post has already become a long one >.< hahaha.

My feelings now is totally indescribable! Exhilarated, ecstacy, super delighted and everything that stands a line with that kind of emotions. It's amazing how I don't feel tired or anything after such a busy week, and such a long journey! Being home is so magical! Hahaha. Baiti jannati, truly superb. Halawatul baiti <3 haha.

I miss everything here so much, and yes, thank you Mama n Papa, sorry for making both of you wait for me, gomenasai >.< wait, am I able to sleep tonight? Hahaha. But it's fine with me if I don't sleep anyway because i've got extra sleep already in the bus just now. 12 hours in the bus = SLEEP! hahaa.

Okay, last words. Can't write too long, gotta save the long post for tomorrow! Haha. Though I have some things and a very important place to go tomorrow, but still insyaAllah I will make time to write about this "new phase in life" okay! kay back to my last words , haha. Fastaqim kama umirta. Jgn lupa liqa' al-Mulk malam ini wahai Farah Eliessa!

Okay, bye everyone! I'll write tomorrow, it's so great to be home <3 believe me :)

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