Changing | Monday, March 12, 2012


I've never thought that I've changed now. I was unaware of that, I was still thinking that I'm the same, as always Farah Eliessa. But the words from someone today really knocked my senses. And I was all the time thinking, how can I possibly became a different person, I mean I've only been in KISAS for like a month. What changes had I gone through?

It's true that the people around us are the one who can see clearly these kind of changes. And just surprisingly, I've found out in what way I've changed. That is ; MATURITY. totally, I don't know where does this idea come from, but I think maybe that's the only point that fits well of my self-change.

I never realised how childish I was before! Hahaha :D Only now I realised, how immature I was >.< Just because of living at the hostel for a month, just because a slight change in my behaviour, the way I think, and the way I handled myself, makes people see me as a matured girl now. I mean, can you imagine just how childish I was before? Hahaha.

Being matured, is good. But in a way, this is just my frank confession, sometimes being matured is boring. you think and act like an adult. you don't go around being like a young child , freely doing anything that you want. And with that too, people around you will be bored with your serious manner. Okey this sounds so negative -.- err actually I'm referring to myself, so to everybody else , no heart feelings and no hard feelings okey!

This post itself about maturity is totally boring ==' sorry!

Bye everyone! Have a good sleep :))

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