Yay it's weekend! | Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hey everyone! How are you? Hope everyone's doing fine. This is just a simple and short post. The title explains it all. Yay it's weekend! Suka sangat :D hehe. Mana ada org yg tak suka weekend kan? Anyhow, my plans for this weekend is, tomorrow I'm going to Pak Ngah's place with Ciknor and Tokbah. Best sgt sgt boleh pegi kampung! Hihi

On Saturday, we'll be visiting Kakak at kem plkn. Yeah our new weekend routine. Every Saturday actually. Last week we made nasi ayam, and this week I was thinking of making chicken chop! Hehe. That's a plan, and hopefully it'll work out, though I'm sure I can never beat Selera Cik Siti's chicken chop. That one is super delicious, to the max. Hehe.

What else eh? Hmm, sekarang ni tengah layan The Princess's Man, sebab ada Park Shi Hoo. Haha. Hensem , cool. And yes memang sy minat drama zaman dulu mcm tu. Hehe. Best la, okay ape. Pakaian dia macam, comel je. Haha. Tapi drama ni sedih, and full of conflict. Sama macam Iljimae. Cinta yang tidak kesampaian. Kesian kesian kesian. Tapi suka la tgk dia tunggang kuda. Ni yg rasa macam nk bljr tunggang kuda jgk nih. Haha.

Klah, that's all for this post. Doakan sy utk result SBP ye :) Bye everyone, have a lovely day!

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