Till we meet again | Thursday, January 26, 2012

This isn't goodbye
even as I watch you leave
This isn't goodbye
I swear I won't cry
#nyanyi lagu Westlife-What Makes a Man hahahaha xD


To all the things I love at home, I had to say goodbye. But this is temporary, I'll be back! Hahaha.
Let me just list down all the things which I cherish the most at home, my luxury of being home all this years instead of staying at the hostel like kakak muahahahahaha xD

Yep those three are the main points. Which I had to let go. Which I can no longer lavish starting this Monday :"(

Well, it's okay though. Everything needs sacrifice. Maybe I'm too exaggerating this hahahahaha. One thing for sure, I can never enjoy these things at the hostel, but I will surely get something worth a million times than this. Experience. Knowledge. Maturing. Growing Up.

So that's all for now. Have a lovely day everyone :) Thanks for reading! Kbye!

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