Of school and students | Monday, January 2, 2012

Hey everyone! School will be re-opening tomorrow, and I wonder how are the students feeling right now. Haha. So I'm gonna tell about my feelings, that explains the title ; Of school and students. From my point of view, presents you with this post hehe.

Do I love school or not? Well, school is fun. There are parts which I love, but there are also parts that I simply loath them. Haha. Just imagine how hard will it be tomorrow, for us to even open our sleepy eyes so early in the morning. I mean, hello its been like almost two months after PMR that we got on with our habit of sleeping late , and also waking up really late. Hehe. Oh how lovely, if we can snuggle back under our sheets and continue our dreams on that cosy bed after performing Subuh prayers. Starting tomorrow, we can never do that anymore, how sad right?

And after that we'd have to take our cold shower early in the morning, get dressed up, bla bla. Girls, it will be even worse if, our tudung which we carefully ironed every inch of it, did not work out perfectly in the morning. oh yeah. But I don't really care about that though. Haha. Maybe a little. xP

My loath feeling towards school, will end right when I stepped in the school and meet my friends. Hehe. So that's what makes school a fun place for us. We can meet our friends, share everything with them, -from topics such as why the broadcast of Merlin last night was replaced by some movie of Fahrin Ahmad?! I've been waiting to watch Merlin okayyy! such a waste :-/ Kay back to the topic, and friends, are just an awesome part of our life. We can do lotsa crazy stuff together, and make such beautiful memories.

School, friends, what comes next? Class. yeah sometimes boring, sometimes fun. According to the subject maybe. But I am somewhat super excited to learn new subjects, get to know new teachers and yes! I'm an upper form student now!! Haha. Lower form students will be calling me "kak" when they come to koop everytime I'm on duty. Cool huh. hahahahaha.

It's been quite a long post. So yeah, bottom line, school is fun :) Because we learn, every second, either formally in class, or informally with our friends outside class, during recess, and school is a place for us, students, to gain knowledge and experience as much as we can.

Can't wait to meet my friends tomorrow! Insya Allah :) let's rock the school for 2012! hehe
ps. Good luck Kakak in PLKN! We'll visit you often and bring lotsa food :D

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