What a waste of time | Tuesday, October 25, 2011


sigh I'm feeling so ------- blurghhh I don't know how to put it in words. dammm. I'm wasting too much time and effort trying to recostumize my blog and yet in the end I'm still using the blogspot template. sigh. Thought I could make my own 'cute' template but looks like mission failed :-/

I hope my blog can give people the view of who I am. Things I like, the style I like, my choice of colours and all. I want to design my blog according to my style. That's why I wanna use my OWN template, not made by others and I just have to edit that little bits. I used to know the html and css so well, but now I can't even recognise anything! Haha. funny how I can be so forgetful and absentminded. Actually it's quite sad, too.

but still, one fact never change. My blog speaks for me. Wether it's blogspot or tumblr, they both speak for me. Things I never tell, were all told in here.

My eyes are tired with all the codes , css , html etc. I'm gonna stop doing this and go play games, Dynomite maybe. kbye.

p/s My taste and style is just too simple .

Credits: Steffanie|Tutorials|Tumblr inspired layout