Growing up | Thursday, October 20, 2011


Akhir tahun 2011, I'm 15 years old + a few months and today I feel really glad to know that I can make my own decision about something quite important. Hee :) Well, here's how it goes.
Pagi ni terima 2 calls. Mula-mula from Cgu Lah aka Abe Lah, dia tnya 'Sya nak mintak Mara tak?' dan saya jawab 'tak'. It didn't took me long to answer that maybe because I've already decided on that since before my PMR. I made my own decision! Well isn't that amazing? Haha.

Lepas tu Mama called, dia kata Papa tanya Isya taknak mintak Mara ke? Today's the closing date yeah I know. I just said no. I discussed about this with Mama n Papa earlier and they're totally cool with this. "It's your choice, your future so it's up to you". Lebih kurang mcm tu la diorg kata. And so I'm holding on with my decision to not apply for Mara. Hehe.

Reason? I just have one solid reason. Form 4 nanti, saya nak ambil aliran Sains Tulen Agama insya ALLAH :) so if I can't go to KISAS, I'll be in Naim Lilbanat! Hee isn't that exciting! yeah I know! haha. But I was quite worried at first because I declined the offer to Naim once when I was entering form 1. Haha nevermind I guess it's okay and they'd accept me as well! wakakaka.

This might be something really ordinary to anyone but for me it's really 'something'! It's like an indication that I'm growing up, maturing and I can think and make important decisions on my own! aint that great? ;)

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