My rant. | Friday, June 10, 2011


asyik delayed je nk buat post kem tuh. Haha. nevermind. report pun belum siap ye tak. nk buat post mcm mane. sighh. homework homework~
It's really early in the morning and I just felt like writing. I want to write :) so what should I write ey?

Well, Cudi will be going back to Sarawak tomorrow :( Hope he can stay here longer. then we can cook lotsa special dishes for lunch like we did during these holidays :) School will be reopening in just a few days. Looks like back to school life again.. whats with the extra classes and stuffs. No more fooling around I guess. It's June already and October will arrive sooner than I'd ever expect. Haa.

There's nothing bad about school though. It could be quite fun and sometimes exciting! What I hate is talking about the exams and all the things we as the pmr candidate MUST do yet I'm not even near of doing any of it. For instance downloading all the chapters I have learnt from form 1 until now and to revise it all as easy as I sing UKISS-0330 HAHA. PLUS with the most important KKQ exam that would be held maybe in the next two or three weeks. gahhh.

But now I felt so bad. It felt like I'm not even realising how serious my condition is. I need to wake up and back to the real world! Stop being in the so called comfortable zone lahhhh. Everyone's struggling and give out their all to finish this race. and what's with you, still acting cool like not in the rush at all?

Control yourself. You know what's best for you rite ;)

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