How I filled my MAY | Sunday, May 29, 2011


End of May already! 2 more days to go countdown to June~ quick recap on what I've done in May.

First week of May

Same old routines. School-extra classes-night class-sleep. Nothing unusual. My last post was on 1st of May rite? Labour Day holiday. Also, sanah helwah ilaiki Ustazah Hasanah <3 Countdown to mid year exam..

Second week of May

NO MORE NIGHT CLASSES~ STUDY LEAVE lahh kononnya -,- Haha. Studying and revising chapters. Getting myself prepared for exam though not entirely prepared anyway. Memorising the facts and figures. Countdown to trip Pulau Perhentian overshadowed the exam :D

Third week of May

Exam week yuuuhuu~ Starts on 15 of May. yes I know we're early than others. Whatt thee. BM was =..= Haha. Holding on for the exam week. Not quite stressed though. All the papers were okay lahhh. No exam on Thursday. Alhamdulillah bcause I wasnt quite prepared for Science. It was put off until next week but still NO EXAM IS SCHEDULED ON NEXT SUNDAY.

Fourth week of May

Shock of the new era betul. GEO KH & KKQ ON SUNDAYYYYYY??!!! Seriouslyyyyyyy -,- I'm not even prepared! Why didnt you just tell us earlier? Gila apa nk exam KH tak baca langsung! Relax relax. I went through the tiring day quite err.. stressed? The last exam KKQ supposed to end on 2.50 pm but everyone finished before time. BAD NEWS I got B for KKQ-77 sigh. I got almost all wrong for Tarannum Hahaha lucky me to score in Tajwid n Ulum Quran + Hafazan.
and so I sat for the last papers BA & SN on Monday.
Pulau Perhentian Tuesday-Thursday.

I'll tell more about Pulau Perhentian in the next post okay ;) Bye!

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