What's my blog for? | Thursday, March 17, 2011

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

So, what's my blog for ?
Is it for me to write my heart out , or for people to read my public diary ?
Well, I'd like to think it as the place where I write what I want. Untold stories. And so here comes my holiday~ A week holiday that didn't felt like a holiday at all! sigh

Okay it's Thursday and the end of my holiday already, to cut out this weekend of course. And what I've been doing the past few days? Morning-tuition. Evening-nothing much. Lazying. Haha. Night-watching tv? and finishing my homework. I'm quite curious why is my homework still piled up? Huuuuuuuuu

It's no fun like that rite? here's the fun part HAHA

What did I hope for a holiday?
At least let us have a holiday free of homework once! oh okay I'd have to wait after PMR for that =__=' How can I forget the fact that I'm a third former nowwwwww? Haha. Sounds stressing rite? nahhh I'm cool ;)

p/s B2ST <3

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