Hello TWO 00 ELEVEN | Friday, December 31, 2010

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Okay let's make this simple and easy. Sebab dah banyak kali try post something since a few days ago tapi tak boleh jugak. Tulis sikit delete. Tulis sikit masuk draft. Pastu tak tulis langsung dah. Haha.

First of all, Happy New Year! Good bye 2010 , it's been a very exciting year. Well, it was fun. Skolah sesi pagi, tukar persekitaran and everything was quite okay. Kalau time kita enjoy mesti rasa cepat je kan. Heh.

Andddddd cuti akhir tahun 2010 memang best. No lies. One of the best maybe. It started with tuitions then vacations then spending the last moments at home. Tuition might sound boring but it was surprisingly exciting! I met wonderful people, long-lost friend, new friends and to wrap it up together, I had FUN! Gambang Water Park was like , awesome! Hahahahaha. Can't describe it any more.

Anddddd my homework was done a week before the school reopens! Haha I'm proud of myself :p Setelah berhempas pulas akhirnya siap jugak hmwk. I loveeee that good feeling once you finished your homework. Haha lepas tu apa lagi. Movie and drama marathon! yayy!

Penambah perisa , Malaysia menang bola. Bangga seh.

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